Sizzlin’ Steak: Affordable Steak Restaurant in Makati City

Sizzlin’ Steak is an affordable steak restaurant in Makati City under the brand of Max’s Group Inc. They offer premium quality beef, special sauces and served on a hot-plate which makes you hungry with its aroma! Serving since 2007, this restaurant is popular among the working class in the busy street of Dela Rosa in Makati City. Here is my experience with Sizzlin’ Steak.


After re-branding, Sizzlin’ Steak is now getting attention as they start to renovate into a more relaxed and lighter mood in their locations. The large windows perfectly suite the modern interiors of the restaurant.

| CAESAR SALAD (Php 175)

If nachos are not your thing, then you can start with this salad. The serving is good for sharing and definitely an option for people who watch what they eat. Although the mix is standard of greens, croutons, bacon and dressing, you can opt to add chicken (Php +99) or shrimp (Php +155).


This is my favorite! An ample amount of rice and some greens on the side goes with the beef belly. The dish can also be enjoyed by upgrading your rice to a kimchi rice (Php +60) or curry rice (Php +30). I prefer the curry rice than the kimchi rice because it is a bit spicy for me. The curry rice also need to be improved so the taste is evenly distributed in the rice. They just literally topped the rice with curry powder and corn. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this one. By the way, mix the beef belly rice with the teriyaki sauce while it is hot.

|  CHICKEN STEAK (Php 269)

The chicken steak is tender and not burned to taste. It also goes with a huge amount of rice. I would say not one of my favorite because I have been eating chicken for the past three days. Petsa de peligro is real? But if you love chicken, then make sure not to miss this one.

| RIB EYE STEAK (Php 695)

One of the most affordable steak within the area. The 180-grams meat sourced from the US can be enjoyed with a serving of rice or other side options. You can choose between Pepper Rice (Php +10), Mashed Potato (Php +20) or Pasta (Php +60). Most Filipino diners prefer to have it well-done or medium-well, but they mostly served it medium as the hot plate will continue to sear it. However, I still prefer my meat to either be in medium rare to medium doneness. I would also love to have more of the butter garlic to enhance more of the flavor.

|  BEEF TAPA (Php 179)

This classic offering is quite a surprise. It definitely tasted good with a serving or rice and egg. Well since it served on a hot plate, you can turn your sunny side up egg to a scrambled one with a whisk of your fork. Probably mix it with the tapa and it will look like a pseudo sisig? Then again, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


In the menu full of meat, can people who loves fish enjoy as well? Sure they do, this tuna belly steak is such a treat! Although the one served is almost past its good state, I still enjoyed the taste of it.

|  CARBONARA (Php 349)

This is another surprise. Who would have thought of serving carbonara on a hot plate? Most would expect the pasta will stick on the plate. But, they did a great job on balancing the right temperature to make the pasta still hot but not burned to stick on the plate. It was creamy but I would love to add more salt or any flavoring as it tasted a bit bland for me.

|  TURTLE CHEESECAKE (Php 196) |  S’MORES(Php 135)

Desserts would always be perfect after a heavy meal. The S’mores and Turtle Cheesecake are awesome choices. The s’mores really tasted good, it was not too sweet yet not too bland. But since am not much of a chocolate lover, the turtle cheesecake is more appealing to me. It tasted full and really thick. I think you get to feel “umay” when you are eating it by yourself. I also love how they drizzle some caramel sauce and topped it with some almonds as well. Surely going to order this again!


This is really great for starters. Two to three people can share the basket of nachos served with a light and creamy cheese on a hot plate. Make sure to enjoy the dip while it is hot!

|  PORK STEAK (Php 249)

My second favorite! The grilled pork chop was marinated well and tasted good with the mushroom gravy. This is also served some greens on the side.


It is still hot all over the metro so if you want to shake up your summer then try these two drinks. The rootbeer float is just normal taste for me as but the tropical pineapple shake is a bomb! I would definitely love to enjoy this together with the steaks they are offering.

If you are looking for an affordable steak restaurant in Makati City, consider dropping by at Sizzlin’ Steak. The location is easily accessible and can save you a lot of money because their quality steak offering are good for sharing.

Jya Mata Ne,


Sizzlin’ Steak
Dela Rosa Car Park, Dela Rosa Street, Makati City
Operating Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Facebook: Sizzlin’ Steak | Instagram: @sizzlingsteak

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