The Weekend Student: CIO and IT Governance

A formal framework that provides a structure for organisations to ensure that IT investments support business objectives is called IT governance. They implement this within the organisation due to regulations which covers confidential information, financial accountability, data retention and other regulations set by the market. And one way to meet these requirements is through IT […]

The Weekend Student: IT and Organisational Performance

The role of information technology in the success of an organisation has already proved its worth for the last two decades. We have seen a lot of development in relation to business planning, effective marketing, social media marketing, global sales, systematic management and other business related processes. This success is always been attributable to the […]

The Weekend Student: IS Strategy Implementation, Evolution, and Evaluation

For an organisation to identify its strategic applications and align it to its strategy with effective information systems an important activity called Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) is being conducted. In the recent years, it has played a significant role and contribution into the success of business and a lot of other organisations. In this […]

The Weekend Student: Components of IS Strategy

In the recent years, reducing cost has been a big concern with organisations. Most of them results into making the process automated hence implementing a lot of applications to support the business processes. However, having a competitive advantage against competitors is not just the key to success, up-to-date and trustworthy information should be considered to […]

The Weekend Student: Approaches to IS Strategy Formulation

Information is significant in the success of organisation. It allows them to create an advantage which will separate them from their competitors. However, appreciation of information system does not take overnight. It is a long process of maturity which can affect the culture and mindset of the organisation. In this post, we will deal more […]

The Weekend Student: Information Systems in Organization

Business operations had significantly changed due to technology. Whether an enterprise is serving a local community or span across several regions and countries, they need relevant and timely information for them to make business decisions.┬áIn this post, let us focus on two ways to describe information systems: the components of information system and the importance […]