Hello 2017, what’s up?

Hello 2017! I have not been around much in writing in 2016, but let’s change 2017! I plan my whole year finding new adventures but at the same time I would hear people giving a long list of reason on why they do not travel. Let me share some of my thoughts.

“I do not have enough money, so I cannot travel.”

I always hear this every time I talk about traveling! But traveling does not need to be expensive and only for the rich people. The way we travel had changed a lot 10 years ago and still continue to change.

There are a lot of options for you to choose. For example, if you cannot afford a hotel room why not try to check hostels and AirBNB accommodations? These alternative places to stay are much cheaper compared to hotels. Check these websites for accommodations:

Flying out within the country or overseas? Check prices from low-cost carriers (LCC). Full service airlines sometimes offer promos that you can avail which is sometimes more appealing than LCCs. An hour or two of your flight does not harm you without the in-flight entertainment. And besides, you probably invested to a great smartphone or tablet for entertainment. If you want to quickly check prices, use these websites:

These websites are also available to download in Apple Store and Google Play store.

If these quick thoughts still get a grin on your face, then I would say it all boils down to how you manage your finances. If you really want to go, then save up a little and you are on your way to discover new things.

“I do not have time, so I cannot travel!”

If you have time to complain then you surely have time to travel. And probably will not get into this part if you are too busy. Set your priorities straight so it allows you to have time for things you want to do.

Traveling does not need to be long enough, it just meant to break the cycle of getting up, go to work, go home and sleep. There are long weekends that you can take or extend it as long as your travel credit allows you. Even a weekend in a 2 hour drive out of the city to a new place will count as traveling.

Again, if you still sub-consciously think you do not have time then look at yourself when you are about to die. Then let me know if you have lot of regrets.

“I do not have someone with me, so I cannot travel!”

FEAR. That is the word that explains on why people say this one. I have fear that I will be lost. I have fear that it is not safe. I have fear that no one will understand me. And a long lists of fear on traveling. But the only thing that you can combat this fear is to be prepared.

If you do not know what bus to ride or train to take, then have time to research your destination. If you fear that it is not safe, then read about the places that you do not need to pass by. If no one will understand you, have a bit of time to know of some survival phrases like, ‘Where’, ‘What’ or ‘Can someone speak in English?’

Take time to research on the places you want to go and probably people will be mistaken that you are a local. There are a lot of travel blog sites that even discuss the specific road that you need to turn right. And mind you, these travelers might have the same fear that you experienced.

So, are you still thinking of a reason why you cannot travel? If yes, then answer this:

“If you cannot travel now, when?”

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