Cavite: Discover, Explore, Adventure

Looking for new places to discover and explore has become very easy for most travelers. The Province of Cavite made this easier to get you a dose of weekend adventure.

The Tourism Development Office of The Provincial Government of Cavite had partnered with XPLORRA – an online and tourism platform, to give you a quick access to the different locations to visit in the province of Cavite. Here are 3 reasons why is one of the websites to do your travel research.


Would it be better if all information you need is just a click away?

The most comprehensive lists of attractions, accommodations and tours is just a click away. | © XPLORRA

The website will give you attractions that you can see in a particular municipality, it provides you comprehensive lists of hotels and accommodations. Best of all, tours and activities can be booked directly in the website.

That would make it easier for you to create your plan, get your backpack prepared and head out.


Aside from great attractions, the website also allows you to earn money by becoming a host.

Homeowners, Local Travel Guides, Organizers, Restaurants and Hotel/Resorts can sign up as hosts in the website to connect you to more travelers. | © XPLORRA

Restaurants, local travel guides and even homeowners who want their space to be rented can sign up to be a host. It is quick and easy, you just have to provide all the details and a representative will get in touch with you. This is a great opportunity for you to connect to more travelers.


Are you still lost? Well, you can directly connect to people to assist you!

Take advantage of this feature so you can get support in finding more information in the website. | © XPLORRA

The website is being monitored to provide travelers guidance if they need further information. This is great feature as the support will directly help you where to find the right information. They can also give you recommendations to make your adventures complete and memorable.

So, if you are ready for more adventures to explore and discover in the province of Cavite, is definitely the best website to look at. Cavite is definitely got a lot more to SHOW YOU, watch this!

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XPLORRA believes that traveling should be easy, simple and hassle-free that is why they list stunning destinations and unique experiences for any travelers to choose from and directly book it. And if you are ready for a new adventure, they are welcoming people to volunteer. Whether it be improving your writing miscues, showing you the right angles to shoot a waterfall, or choosing the right color scheme for your graphics; we are all dedicated to growing with you.
You can sign up and become a volunteer. Just click here.

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