[UPDATED] Flytpack: A Travel Essential

Nowadays, having a reliable connection when traveling abroad is very essential. It allows us to share our experiences through our social media accounts, communicate to our family back home and even use it for Google maps. We are presented with a lot of options; mobile roaming from local carriers to prepaid sim cards abroad and most of the time, they are out of budget or confusing on how to rent. Good thing, Flytpack is here! We can save on those roaming charges, and give you reliable internet connection while traveling overseas. Let me share my latest experience when I traveled to Taipei, Taiwan!


  • convenient to rent
  • budget friendly
  • reliable internet connection


  • high deposit fee
  • credit back of deposit fee takes time


A week before my flight, I checked Flytpack website to rent a router. Directly from homepage, I fill-in the following information and hit the QUICK BOOK button:

  • Place of travel
  • Travel dates – departure and arrival dates
  • How many routers you are availing
Flytpack is your WiFi travel buddy that allows you to get connected abroad without outrageous roaming charges. It is simple to use and easy to carry around with you. | © Flytpack Website

There are two options to collect the router: (1) collect and return it personally in their office, or (2) avail of the courier service. I chose the latter one and paid an additional P 140 for the courier service fee. Payment is also easy, you can either pay through bank transfer or debit/credit card with Visa or MasterCard logo. There will be a charged deposit of P 2,800 which is refundable 5 days from the day you return the device. The deposit will be sent via bank transfer so provide some bank details prior to payment.

I received the router 3 days prior to my flight and a courier contacted me to get it two days after I returned.

[UPDATED]: The team confirmed that the router set was received on 8 May 2017, and advised that refund will be processed in 5 working days. The fifth day was 15 May 2017 but still did not received the refund. I tried to call their service hotline, but no one is answering. I sent out a message through their Viber account, and was advised that my request will be escalated for crediting of the refund within the week. It’s 18 May 2017, and the refund has not been credited to my account.


The price of the router depends on the location and Taiwan is charged at P 260 per day. There are some countries with as low as P 200 while to highest is at P 500 per day. They also offer a cross-country package for Asia charged at P 350 while the world wide place is at P 500. This is still cheaper compared to the per day basis offer by our local carriers (i.e. Smart and Globe). Here are the current price list available on their website:

You can stay connected when you are traveling overseas. | © Flytpack Website


When I landed at Taoyuan International Airport, I immediately grab the router to test. It automatically connects to a 4G network of Far EasTone without doing any setups. I also noticed that the connection speed is consistent while walking along the street, riding the bus or taking the subways. The battery life of the router is also great, it lasted for more than 10 hours with 2 devices connected to it. I did not experienced any difficulty in connecting to the router and/or being disconnected.

Overall, I am satisfied on the service provided by Flytpack. It was convenient, budget-friendly and good thing it was reliable. The only improvement would be on the deposit fee charging and credit back. If I am not mistaken, some merchants pre-authorized your credit card and once you return the item then they can release it back. I hope they can work on that instead of waiting for 5 days just to credit back the fee. As of this writing, the deposit fee has not been returned.


Email: hello@flytpack.com

Phone: +63 (02) 810-9863

Social Network: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Unit 703, 20th Drive Corporate Ceter (Jecoprime).

20th Drive, McKinley Business Park.

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, 1634.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by Flytpack and/or asked a request to promote their service. All opinions regarding their service are my own.

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  1. Hi, has your deposit fee been returned? If so, how long did it take overall and was it credited to your bank account or credit card?

    1. Hi Kit,

      The deposit fee has been returned but not with the expected number of days they said. It will be credited in your bank account so make sure to put in your details to prevent delays in return.

      Brian Kevin

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