Are you ready? SOX is NEXT

Down south of the Philippines, in the islands of Mindanao, you will be able to find a region known as SOCCSKSARGEN. This is Region XII which is composed of the provinces of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangi and General Santos. Although this region has not come up on your travel list, let me introduce which can make your travel research easier!


Mindanao has always suffered negative publicity due to numerous news about conflicts happening in the area. But this is not true in most of the provinces. That is why the South Central Mindanao Region Office of the Department of Tourism has teamed up with Explora to elevate its local tourism.

Nelly Dillera, Regional Director of The Department of Tourism, giving her welcoming remarks during the soft launch of the tourism website of SOCCSKSARGEN. | © Brian Kevin Felix

Nelly Dillera, Regional Director of The Department of Tourism is very thankful that they will be able to show the world through Explora platform on what they can offer. “Hardly will we be able to enticed people to come because they will think we are bias because it us our place. But now coming from people outside of our region telling how beautiful our place, what resources we have and how hospitable the people are. I think they will have a different perspective.” Dillera said, during the website launch.


JR Felipe, CEO and Founder of guides Nelly Dillera for the ceremonial sign up of the tourism website of SOX. | © Brian Kevin Felix

In order to gear up to be one of the forefront of local tourism, SOCCSKSARGEN has launch its new travel platform This will help travelers to have access to accurate and updated information that they can use for travel planning. The website is a one-stop shop wherein you can check the most loved destinations, attractions you can visit and places you can stay.

One-stop shop where you can check the most loved destinations, attractions you can visit and places you can stay. | © Explora

“We have seen firsthand the natural beauty of this region, the charm of its people, and its readiness to be discovered by more travelers. Prepare to discover, and explore things you’ve never seen before because SOX is NEXT!” said Perry Sumakote, VP of Marketing and Strategic Development of Explora.

Perry Sumakote, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Development of giving his closing remarks and inviting everyone to visit Region XII. | © Brian Kevin Felix

Are you excited to explore more of SOCCKSARGEN? Then visit today! believes that traveling should be easy, simple and hassle-free that is why they list stunning destinations and unique experiences for any travelers to choose from and directly book it. And if you are ready for a new adventure, they are welcoming people to volunteer. Whether it be improving your writing miscues, showing you the right angles to shoot a waterfall, or choosing the right color scheme for your graphics; we are all dedicated to growing with you.

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  1. This is bullshit. These Explora is a big CON.
    all website is same. They is using public money to fund their business.
    Lets make public and known to everyone

    1. Hi Manuel,

      Thank you for taking time to visit the website. If there are concerns in relation to Explora.PH, we suggest to send in an email at so they can address you properly.

      Brian Kevin

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