BATAD: A Photo Essay

Finding time to disconnect from the world is somewhat difficult for us. Our time is mostly glued on our social media platforms, get updates from the latest television series or even make your Everwing dragons hatched and evolved. In whatever manner or way, we should take time to step back, look at where we are and connect back to our life. Here are series of photos a latest trip at Batad Rice Terraces in the province of Banaue, Ifugao.


The rice terraces of Cordilleras has been a familiar name to both local and foreign travelers with Banaue Rice Terraces as the most popular. However, of all five sites Batad Rice Terraces is seen as one of the majestic creations which will leave you out of words to describe. The cold breeze that touches your skin and the scent of fresh air from the mountains will make you feel light and relaxed.

The lush green mountains of the Cordilleras. | © Brian Kevin Felix
The majestic view of Batad Rice Terraces can be seen after a 45 minutes trek from the main road. You can find this view while you are on your way down to the village. | © Brian Kevin Felix

The weather is always unpredictable. The sun was up for several hours and as it approaches mid-afternoon, the skies become cloudy and eventually pour on heavy rains. But nature never fails to amaze. The rain and clouds will cover the terraces but eventually opens up like a curtain in a theater house saying ” We will go on break and will continue the performance in a bit.”

Nature never fails to amaze. | © Brian Kevin Felix
The skies are slowly clearing and you can also see the village at the bottom of the terraces. | © Brian Kevin Felix

When the sun engulfs the village, this would be the perfect time to trek down Tappiya Falls. It sits on the other side of the picturesque rice terraces where a safe path can be walked upon. The sound of the stream seems to have a hypnotizing effect as it sounds grew louder.

The Tappiya Falls can be seen after a 30 minutes walk. This 700m falls is a hidden gem right around Batad. | © Brian Kevin Felix


If getting a quiet time with no distractions, the area of Batad is a perfect place to choose. You can just sit around, stare at the skies and mountains, listen to music or just simply breath the fresh air.

Here’s a simple video for you to enjoy!


There are a lot of things you need to know before traveling to Batad. Just wait for an update and will get a link posted here.

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