The Weekend Student: IT Service Management

The classes recently started and the weekend student is back at Asia Pacific College. This time, the focus is in IT Service Management.

IT Service Management was created in order to have a systematic approach in dealing with the delivery of IT services. Businesses are now being open in the use of technology and make sure that the goal is to simplify the processes to meet business objectives.

As the discussion continues, it is clear that my current position is under service support, one of the core elements of IT Service Management. Although my position implements most of the elements of service support, this leaves me wondering if we do have proper documentation within our team. This leads me to have a conversation with my manager and open about creating a draft document that can be of used by our team.

I can say that I am excited to learn more on this area as I have plans to move in a different department that focuses on service delivery. I hope our professor share more best practices being used in his company in order for me to see a different perspective.

Jya Mata Ne!

-The Weekend Student

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