The Weekend Student: Incident Management and Service Desk

Second week is about incident management and service desk. As discussed, incident management talks about timely resolution of incidents resulting in a reduced impact on business operations.

Here is how the incident management process is done in the team I am working on:


Order and Trade Manager Support Desk

In our case, the setup is that we have a Level 1 (L1) support which was created by our bank client. The expectation is L1 support will be the one to contact us, Level 2 and Level 3 Support (OT Support), but sometimes, internal users of bank also sends in queries. In relation to prioritization, just by experience, you tend to know which one will be handled as urgent or non-urgent. In an idealistic world, we can see that his can be documented to improved. However, on a daily basis there are some incident that looks like an old issue but looking at on a deeper note, it entails you to check further. On this case, we also have created a repository, which we call wiki, wherein we document the usual questions and resolutions for the said case. We also have a ticketing system we call JIRA, wherein we can also easily search to check previous issues with the same scenario.

Improvement wise, a proper document should be created in order to have a main document wherein new support can use for training purposes.

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